Goodtime offers online time tracking and project tracking by the web. This service is instantly and reliably available and the costs are calculable. This is a brief overview of how Goodtime can be useful for you:

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Online time tracking by timesheets

Tracking working hours and project hours with Goodtime is easy and efficient. For example using the time sheet: Working hours are entered here directly, time stamps can be created and adjusted. Navigation through weekly or monthly working hours is simple and ergonomic.

Online Timesheet

Online time tracking by the "stop watch"

Similar to a time-clock working hours are recorded by a single click. The time type and the associated project can be set and also changed during the current time period again. The input mask automatically adjusts to the selected entries. Operation friendliness and simplicity are in the spotlight.

Online time tracking by the web

Project tracking

By tracking the working hours, you can also track your projects simultaneously. By assigning projects to the time entries it is hardly an effort for keep track of your projects. A statistical analysis of the project data helps you to keep a clear picture.

online project tracking

Clients (customers)

Projects can be assigned to clients (customers). The selection of projects can optionally be grouped by the clients. For better management of many projects the project list can be filtered by client.

Online time tracking system clients(customers)

Various statistics

Various statistics on working hours, project hours and customers are available. For example the graphical representation of project data helps you to not lose track of your projects.

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Project statistics

Configurable time types

The time categories for time tracking can be adapted to your individual needs: Working hours can be recorded by the day or by the hour. Time types can be excluded from project time tracking. The behavior of the time category for summation can be set individually.

Time category

Individual time models

Time models are used for the calculation of overtime. The planned working time can be set individually as needed for each employee. The corresponding target working hours, actual working hours and hours balances are displayed in the time sheet.

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Time model: Hour balance

Management of vacation days

Entitlement to holiday can be managed either by the day or by the hour. The holiday entitlement and any paid out leave can be flexibly determined for each user. For example the taken leave, the remaining leave, etc. are evaluated.

Leave entitlement

Configurable business ratios

Business ratios like travel costs or milage can be assigned to time entries. The types of business ratios can be freely configured. (Business ratios are disabled by default for the time tracking system and must be enabled in the settings.)

Business ratio

User permission and user roles

Goodtime has a simple but smart authorization system. You always have full control over the permissions, but must not bother with complicated role concepts. The necessary roles are predefined and you only need to assign it to the respective user.

User permission and user roles

Participants for projects

A list of participants for projects straightens the project management up. Projects can be created easily for all users or only for selected participants.

Project participants


The working hours and project hours can be exported into popular formats. Multiple users can be exported simultaneously. So the time data and project data can be easily integrated into your organizational workflow as needed (e.g. with the flexible Excel format).

Export of the timesheet data


For import the iCalendar format is supported, which is widely spread and used, amongst others, by Apple's Calendar and Google Calendar. One possible scenario is, for example, to record the working time with the Google Calendar and then import the calendar data into the Goodtime time tracking system.

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Import Icalendar file from Google Calendar


You can adapt the time tracking system to your individual requirements by various settings. Many features can be hidden when they are not needed.

Settings for the online time tracking system

If you miss an important feature, please contact the Goodtime Support.

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