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Online Time Tracking News 2011

Invoice for download

Your invoice of Goodtime can be viewed and downloaded in the time tracking system now. To do so click on your account name in the header of the application (in the role of admin or application manager). There you can change your address details too. The invoice is still sent by email further on. The accounting-email is also sent to application manager now.

Hide the time clock

The view of the time clock (attendance recorder) can now be hidden. If you use only the time sheets for the time tracking, the display of the time clock can be completely suppressed by the settings now.

Extension of time category

The time category has a new function now: the type of summation. This determines how the time category is treated in the summation. All existing time categories are not affected by this change, they are treated as before.

Clients in the time sheet

For all those who have encouraged the display of customers in the time sheets and perhaps are waiting for that, we have some good news: The client abbreviation is now displayed, together with the project name, in the time sheets also! In conjunction with this change, we have designed the 'edit' and 'delete'-links as icons. So a little more space for the customer code has been released. Other suggestions are, of course, as always, welcome!

Homepage redesign

We have redesigned large parts of the Goodtime homepage. Only a few pages (like this blog) remained in the 'old' design. The new theme is clear and unpretentious and we still like the color blue. But after more than five years it just has been time for something new. The content itself has changed very little - you should find everything on its usual place. The login is on a separate page now which is easily reachable from the menu. We hope you enjoy the new design and we welcome comments or suggestions: Support Support.

More statistics

Unfortunately, the statistical analysis lagged behind other recent innovations of our time tracking system. Many thanks for the numerous suggestions that we have received in the meantime! We have tried to implement all these as complete as possible. The hours of work of users, clients and projects are now processed - each on a statistical view: The annual working hours and monthly working hours are shown in arithmetic charts. Various 'proportionate' reports provide an overview of the allocation of the labor hours to users, customers and projects. All statistics were linked to one another extensively. Please note that appropriate permissions for the user are required for the statistical functions too. For example to display the project statistics, a employee needs to be in the role of a project manager.

New total time format

Sum of hours can now be displayed in decimal format. Total hours per week or total hours per month will be added for example to '36,75' hours. The former hour-minute format ('36:45') is of course still available. The total time format can be adjusted in the settings.

New certificate

The Goodtime server uses a new certificate for the secure connection now. This new certificate supports more browser vendors and versions as the old one - so you will not notice the change, if you use the online time tracking already. If you have problems connecting to Goodtime nevertheless, the support will help you.

Several minor improvements

We have done several minor improvements - here's a short summary: The look and feel of the lists has been improved and we have cleaned up the surface a little bit. Now the attendance list can be turned off completely if it's usage is not wanted. The view has been adapted for Internet Explorer 9.

Clients for projects

Now you can assign clients (customers) to projects. In the project select list the projects are grouped by the according clients too. In addition, the project list can now be filtered by clients, which should significantly increase the overview for staff members with many current (open) projects. If you still prefer a project select list without displaying the clients, then you can tick off the 'Enable clients for projects' option in the settings easily. As long as you do not create clients or assign them to any project, anyway, everything remains the same.

Forgot your password?

For security reasons, forgotten passwords have not been sent via email automatically up to now. By popular request (Best regards from the support ;-)) we provide this feature as an option now - which can be enabled by the admin of the time tracking system in the settings. This option is disabled by default. Users should change the sent password immediately after receiving it, if you use this option.

Update maintenance work

The maintenance work could be completed in the period 23:30 to 01:15. Once again, thank you for your understanding!

Maintenance work

Maintenance work is scheduled on Wednesday, the 16th of October, between 11:00 PM and 06:00 AM on the following day. The operating system software will be updated. Goodtime will be unreachable for a some time within the given time frame. Thank you for your understanding.

Improved statistics

The statistical analysis of working hours and project time was enhanced. The working time and the distribution of the working time for a project is shown in clearly represented charts now - supplementary to the spreadsheet. There is an annual overview and a monthly detail view.

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